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Theater Terra (The Netherlands)
  • "With minimal sets on stage, Theater Terra managed to achieve the maximum: a lot of fun to the children" ── Metro Holland

    Ruff! Ruff! Let's get the animals home!

    Spot the dog pays a visit to his father's farm, along with friend Helen the blue hippo, only to discover all the animals are gone! Different noises then start up: cluck cluck, moo moo, oink oink. Which animals make these sounds? ... And where are they? Bring toddlers and children along to find out, and enjoy the diverting ways that Spot and Helen employ to bring the animals back to the farm.

    Spot the Dog picture books by renowned British children's author and illustrator Eric Hill have gained worldwide popularity. In this endearing family musical adapted from the series by Theater Terra, life-sized puppets shuttle between colourful sets bringing the lovable characters to life on stage. Accompanied by catchy music and Dutch clog dancing, the show provides children with a highly appealing introduction to the performing arts.

    • Puppet Musical Theatre
    • Best for ages 2 and above
    Friendly Reminder
    • In English with Chinese and English surtitles
    • With interactive session after each show
    • One ticket required for each person regardless of age
    • Children must be accompanied by adults
    • Artist Facebook: theaterterraUSA
  • Workshop

    "Fun with Spot" Parent-child Puppetry Workshop


    Spot the Dog has gained a wide following among young readers. Now there is an opportunity to meet a life-sized Spot! Join the lovable character, Helen the hippo, and other friends in this creative puppet theatre experience.

    21.7(Thu) 11am-12:30pm Child $80*
    Parent $120#
    Quota per workshop 30
    23.7(Sat) 11am-12:30pm Child $80*
    Parent $120#
    Quota per workshop 30

    * Applicable to full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance recipients
    # Applicable to parent-child workshops only

    Friendly Reminder
    • In English with Cantonese interpretation
    • Children under the age of 3 will not be admitted
    • Scene 1 Joe, Jess & Jake
      Early in the morning, Jake, Daddy Joe and Mommy Jess dance together. Jake takes out a book about Spot the Dog and asks Daddy to read. “Helen the blue hippo is staying over at Spot’s home. She has brought many toys with her, but Spot has a better plan. They will be working in Daddy’s farm…”

      Scene 2 The Farm
      Spot and Helen are excited to arrive at the farm, only to find that all the animals have disappeared! All they can see are a few holes on the wall of the back door, which look exactly like the shapes of those missing animals.

      Scene 3 Flat Tire
      They look around, but there is no sign of the animals. Daddy decides to look for them on the tractor. Oh no! One of the tires has gone flat! Spot asks everyone to help with pumping it up. The tractor finally moves and Daddy sets off for the search!

      Scene 4 Strange Noises
      When Spot and Helen are waiting at the farm, suddenly they hear the sounds of animals… It’s the rooster! It’s the cow! And the piggy too!

      Scene 5 Cock-A-Doodle-Do!
      Spot and Helen have located the rooster above the water tank, while a hen and three chickens are hiding behind the bush. They bring the animals home.

      Scene 6 Feeding Time
      Everyone feels hungry after so much work. Helen suggests sitting down to have some apples. Spot suddenly sees Piggy, so he uses apples as bait and successfully guides it home.

      Scene 7 Helen is Mad
      Piggy has eaten all the apples, which makes Helen mad. Spot tries to cheer her up.

      Scene 8 A Walking Haystack
      Helen suddenly sees a haystack walking. Spot approaches and sniffs. There is one long tail! Oh, it’s Cow!

      Scene 9 A Really Fat Cow
      Failing to find the animals, Daddy returns to a pleasant surprise. He praises Spot and Helen for their smart work. However, they realise that the cow has gained much weight and can no longer go through the hole on the wall. How come?

      Scene 10 Still one missing!
      There is still a hole on the wall. What animal can that be?

      Scenes 11-12
      What is going to happen next? Come and find out!

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