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The Spacean Odyssey
Fong Fong Projet d'Art
  • Two inspiring voyages exploring friendship and the meaning of life

    Shuttle between a pair of adventure stories – one set in space, the other under the ocean waves – to learn from the characters about ourselves.

    Seeking a place to shelter, Little Moon travels the universe to meet different planets, but none seems to be ideal. Refusing to give up, Little Moon finally meets the Earth. They become good friends and decide to stay together.

    Shaun the shark is finding life tough as his shyness marks him out as a loser among his peers. But is Shaun really a failure? Given that everyone is talented in their own way, all he has to do is to find his own confidence and strengths. Perhaps other sea creatures are facing similar difficulties too?

    Inspired by the children’s books written by British author Neil Griffiths, Fong Fong Projet d’Art guides young learners around two different but equally fascinating worlds. Creative stagecraft and visual effects bring the stories vividly to life, broadening imagination and encouraging active participation in this colourful SPACEAN encounter.

    • Musical Theatre
    • Best for ages 3 and above
      (Children under the age of 3 will not be admitted)
    Personnel and Cast
    • Coordinator / Producer
      Poon Fong-fong
    • Director
      Francis Chan, Poon Fong-fong, Kiu Po-chung
    • Script Adaptation
      Poon Fong-fong, Francis Chan, Vicky Yau
    • Music Arrangement
      Perry Martin, Anders Nelsson
    • Main Cast
      Corinna Chamberlain, Anders Nelsson, Condorine Li, Kiu Po-chung, Poon Fong-fong, Benson Li, Imelda Cheng
    • Live Music
      Perry Martin
    Friendly Reminder
  • Workshop

    As Earth's natural resources diminish, it is becoming essential to reuse and recycle. In these workshops, parents and children learn to create unique chairs and toy octopuses from everyday materials, adding practical impetus to The SPACEAN Odyssey's sustainability theme.

    "Chit-Chat-Chair" Parent-child DIY Workshop

    19.7 (Tue) 11am-12:30pm Child $80*
    Parent $120#
    Quota 20 Families
    (1 parent with 1 child aged 3-5 for each chair)

    "Octopus Origami" DIY Workshop

    19.7 (Tue) 2:30-4pm Best for ages 5-7
    Child $80*
    Quota 30

    * Applicable to full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance recipients
    # Applicable to parent-child workshops only

    Friendly Reminder
    • In Cantonese
    • Children under the age of 3 will not be admitted
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