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Journey to the Colourful Bubbles
Little Smudges Theatre
Illuminated by the bright moon and neon-lit buildings, Victoria Harbour becomes a magical world of its own at night, with rainbow lights dancing above the waves and colourful bubbles gliding by below. But which and where is the most beautiful bubble of them all? Rabbitfish decides it is time to find out. The little fish swims past seaweed and coral. He meets Beltfish, Flat-headed Mullet, and many other sea-dwelling friends, each with their own favourite bubble to look after. Finally, he reaches the deep blue sea. Will this be where Rabbitfish finds his perfect bubble?

Little Smudges Theatre presents an innovative puppetry theatre, joining hands with Director Shih Pei Yu, Puppet Designer Hsu Nai Hsin and Stage Designer Luo Wan Yu from Taiwan Flying Group Theatre.
Personnel and Cast
  • Producers
    Genna Leung, Lei Yuen Hung
  • Director
    Shih Pei Yu
  • Playwright
    Little Smudges Theatre
  • Puppetiers and Performers
    Kelvin Chan, Elise Chau, Genna Leung,
    Ritz Lui, Kiki Ng
  • Stage Designer
    Luo Wan Yu
  • Puppet Designer
    Hsu Nai Hsin
  • Music Designer
    Ko Chiu Yung
  • Stage Manager
    Allen Chau
  • Special Thanks to
    Ichthyological Society of Hong Kong
Touring Details
  • 2.7 (Sat)
    Central Harbourfront Event Space
  • 5.7 (Tue)
    Central Harbourfront Event Space
  • 8.7 (Fri)
    Hong Kong Cultural Centre Foyer
  • 18.7 (Mon)
    Sky Dome Atrium, L1, Discovery Park Shopping Centre
  • 23.7 (Sat)
    Sha Tin Town Hall Foyer
  • 24.7 (Sun)
    Hong Kong Central Library Exhibition Gallery
  • 31.7 (Sun)
    Yuen Long Theatre Foyer
  • 2.8 (Tue)
    Story Telling Zone, L2, Discovery Park Shopping Centre
  • 7.8 (Sun)
    Hong Kong Maritime Museum Underwater Gallery
  • 14.8 (Sun)
    Hong Kong Maritime Museum Underwater Gallery

Free admission
Enquiries : 2370 1044 Festivals Office
* Enquiries : 2921 2660 Extension Activities Unit, Hong Kong Public Libraries
Illustration: Stephy Tsui
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