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How High the Sky

Polyglot Theatre (Australia)


“…an unusual, provocative and impossibly cute performance” ── Sydney Morning Herald

Learn to experience the world through your baby’s eyes

The vastness of the universe or the magic of an underwater voyage? Surrounded by soft lighting, streamers, floating balloons and a living, breathing soundscape of their own, babies take parents and onlookers inside their free-flowing infant world. In this amazing experiential encounter, push aside logic and labels to journey back with these tiny guides to an age where openness and innate curiosity give free rein to the imagination and a performance that is never the same twice.

Australia’s Polyglot Theatre, a children’s arts pioneer, spent three years studying parent-child behaviour to develop this engaging, participatory production for pre-walkers under 12 months. A special feature of the show is when carers briefly leave the performance area to allow tots to explore on their own. Adults can then both observe and start to understand how much about life there is to learn from the very, very young.

AUDIENCE TIP: In this interactive production, parent-child pairs will be admitted to the performance area while other ticket-holders will be seated in the designated audience area to enjoy the show.

Hong Kong City Hall Exhibition Hall
  • Additional performance
    30.7 (Thu)
  • 30.7 (Thu)
  • 31.7-2.8 (Fri - Sun)
    11am, 2:30pm & 5pm
Parent-child Package:$360
Additional Adult:$180 (Limited seats)
(Free Seating)
  • Interactive Theatre for Babies
  • Approx. 50 minutes without intermission
  • Best for age below 1

Friendly Reminder

  • With photo-taking session after each show
  • Each package allows ONLY one baby and one adult to enter the performance area
  • Holders of additional adult tickets will ONLY be seated in the audience area
  • Babies must be accompanied by adults
  • Members of the audience will be seated on the floor and are requested to take off their shoes before entering the performing area. Please dress casually with socks

Photo: Pia Johnson, Gavin Andrew
Artist's Website: www.polyglot.org.au
Artist's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/P0lygl0tTheatre