Opening Programme

Legend of the Silk Road

Shaanxi Acrobatic Troupe


Recipient of Gold Medal, 2005 International Circus Festival, City of Latina, Italy and Gold Lion Prize, 6th All China Acrobatics Competition

“A magnificent display of dazzling scenes linking ancient and modern times” ──

“A majestic showcase of 21 acrobatic spectacles from all over the world… an astonishing visual treat” ── The Xinhua Net

An exquisite fusion of acrobatics, music and dance weaving an epic Silk Road adventure

A Tang Dynasty general leads a camel caravan from China’s old capital of Chang’an on a colourful 7,000-kilometre expedition along the iridescent Silk Road. His goal is to reach the Roman Empire, taking in the perilous desert of Loulan, awe-inspiring murals in Dunhuang and mesmerising Persia on his way.

Award-winning Shaanxi Acrobatic Troupe, also from the Silk Road region, imaginatively portrays the creativity inspired by the legendary trade route in a heroic tale of friendship and valour. Stunning dance, costumes and stage design are combined with over 20 breathtaking acrobatic feats, including aerial silks, meteors and Russian Bar. A wonderfully engaging showcase blending history, culture and entertainment into an unmissable performance for all the family.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre
  • 10-11.7 (Fri – Sat)
  • 11.7 (Sat)
  • 12.7 (Sun)
$340, $260, $200, $140*
*Some seats may have a restricted view
  • Acrobatics
  • Approx. 2 hours with an intermission of 20 minutes
  • Best for ages 3 and above
    (Children under the age of 3 will not be admitted)

Friendly Reminder

  • Performers have been professionally trained to accomplish the feats performed in the show. Audience members are advised not to imitate their acts.
  • IAC Plus : Exhibition


All About the Silk Road Exhibition

Stretching for 7,000 kilometres and spanning numerous countries, the ancient Silk Road trade route linked China to Europe for centuries, serving as an inspiring meeting point for different cultures. This fascinating display offers captivating insights as well as fun facts about the colourful region and those who undertook the challenging journey.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Foyer
  • 1-11.7 (Wed - Sat)
    9am - 11pm
  • 12.7 (Sun)
    9am - 9pm
Free Admission