The Marvellous Box


Find your best friends in Marvellous Box!

In this captivating interactive music theatre production, performers guide young audiences on a journey of self-discovery and imagination related to making friends, with the help of melodious English songs. By creating a "box of marvels" for themselves, children develop their own perceptions of the magic of friendship and learn how friendships come in many shapes and forms.


Artistic Director / Performer Shiona Carson
General Manager Eunice Chan
Programme Officer Carmen Chan
Stage Manager Agnes Lee Tsan Yung
Cast Hamish Campbell, Nicholas Beckwith
Art Form Interactive Music Theatre
Target Audience Kindergarten (K.1 – K.3)
Date Mid-May to Mid-July 2019
Duration 45 mins
Language In English
Remarks These programmes are open to schools and available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact the Festivals Office at 2370 1044 for enquiries and bookings.