R & J with Red Noses
R & J with Red Noses
Pop Theatre

Literature x Clown Theatre

R & J with Red Noses is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic love story that blends the renowned romantic tragedy with clown theatre to create a lively, interactive production to engage young audiences of today. In this vibrant, humorous and easy-to-understand show, scenes from the original drama are selected for reinterpretation to give students a novel experience of the arts by blending classical recitation with contemporary theatre and clown performance.

Art Form
Clown Theatre
Target Audience
Mid-May to Mid-July 2018
45 mins
Lang / Subtitles
In Cantonese

These programmes are open to schools only and available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact 3956 3459 for enquiries and bookings.

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