The International Arts Carnival 2018 presents an exquisite line-up of overseas and local shows and participative activities from 6 July to 12 August, offering a wondrous taste of performing arts for the whole family.

This year’s opening programme Hansel & Gretel by Scottish Ballet (UK) is a delectable performance which strikingly transfers the Brothers Grimm story to the world of classical ballet, with ingenious choreography and lavish sets and costumes making this an exciting and highly inventive dance treat.

In this one-of-a-kind show, Bedtime Stories by Upswing (UK), parents and children can snuggle up on cushions and blankets to enjoy a fantastical night-time tale. The stage-turned-bedroom sets the scene for a dreamy adventure featuring 3D animation, aerial-silk acrobatics, songs, dance and drama.

Other intriguing programmes include electroluminescent puppetry, multimedia shadow puppet theatre, physical theatre, music theatre for babies and magic theatre…etc, brought by arts groups from the USA, Australia, Korea, Belgium, the Mainland and Hong Kong. Moreover, various extension activities such as workshops, backstage tours, exhibition and outreach programmes will be held to guarantee you a wondrous summertime.

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