My Beautiful Life
Trinity Theatre

Hold onto your dream, let go of intransigence. Life is beautiful!

Here follows an interesting and inspiring story.

B is still alive but wants to rehearse his funeral.

B has led an ordinary life. At school, he received B+ for every subject. He knew if he was a little lazier, B+ would become B- or C+. If he worked harder, the mark would become A-.

As B grew up, he secured an average job with a stable income. He could not buy a flat, but at least he had some savings. And so B continued to live his B+ life until one day a number of simultaneous setbacks occurred.

At his funeral rehearsal, B is finally able to get back in touch with his friends and himself once more. But the big question is: for the rest of his life, should he try to strive against all the odds or simply continue with his B+ life?

Playwright / Director:
Allen Ma

Co-Director / Main Cast:
German Cheung

Main Cast:
Stephen Tsui
Chester Wong
Ling Rebekah
Ruby Wong

Hong Kong City Hall Theatre 12 - 13.8 (Fri – Sat)
13 - 14.8 (Sat – Sun)
$180, $140, $100

In Cantonese
Best for ages 12 and above Minutes

Illustration: Stephen Tsui

Twelfth Night
2011 International Choral Jazz & Mass Participatory Musicking Festival