International Arts Carnival 2008 -
/ English Version
2008 Programmes
Sporting Fantasia
by the Romanian Gymnastics Federation (Romania)
- Park and Art
by Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong
ABC, Come and See
- The Magic Jungle
by City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong
- Nada...Nada
by Aracaladanza (Spain)
- Amoeba Papa
by Make Friends With Puppet
HeARTS Linked
- Fantasy Travellers - Alice in Wonderland & Gulliver
by National Black Light Theatre of Prague
(Czech Republic)
- Hawaiian Family Festival: From ALOHA to LOHAS
by Pop Culture Creations
- iVi sa vie
by Compagnie Médiane (France)
- the bicycle
by Puppet Theater Hitomi-za (Japan)
- Les Masques!!!
by Groupe Démons et Merveilles (France)
- A Little Nightmare Music
by Aleksey Igudesman (Germany) & Richard Hyung-ki Joo (UK)
- ScrapArtsMusic
by ScrapArtsMusic (Canada)
- Concert by The All-American Boys Chorus
by The All-American Boys Chorus (USA)
- The Magic Nation
by Jumbo Kids Theatre
- The Gizmo Guys
by The Gizmo Guys (USA)
- International Children's Film Carnival 2008
by the Film Programmes Office
- The Legend of Mulan
by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra &
Chung Ying Theatre Company
- Hong Kong Youth Music Camp Concerts 2008
by the Music Office
New Generation Series
- All-time Classic - Thunderstorm
by The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
- Once On This Island
by Hong Kong 3 Arts Musical Institute
- Yesterday Once More
by Trinity Theatre
- Dream World
by All Theatre Art Association
School Tour & Outreach Performances
- The Stellar Journey
by Fong Fong Projet d'Art
- The Magic Flute: A Prequel
by Jumbo Kids Theatre
- Dance with the Wind
by Muse Motion and Youth Ballet of Asia
- R's Adventurous Drift
by Unlock Dancing Plaza
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