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Yesterday Once More

Illustration: Stephen Tsui


Trinity Theatre

Youth Theatre Workshop & Performance

You are only young once", as the saying goes. But what if there was a chance to be 19 again? Would things be the same?

Ah Chuen is 35 and at a crossroads in life. Struck down with acute meningitis, he is left in a coma for several days. When he regains consciousness, he finds he has lost most of his memory. Although he has the body of a 35-year-old, his mind is that of a 19-year-old.

Moved by the situation, hospital volunteer Shing decides to take Ah Chuen to the local youth centre where he can relive his young days all over again.

At a basketball court, they meet an actual 19-year-old, Ah Nam, and his friends. The gang is full of teenage angst and cannot wait to become adults. This unusual group of people find themselves experiencing life together in one memorable summer.

Playwright Allen Ma, Maggie Cheung
Director Allen Ma
Main Cast Stephen Tsui, Simon Lo,
Chester Wong
Programme EnquiriesG2574 4968
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre    
15-16.8 (Fri-Sat)
17.8 (Sun)
One Additional Performance of Yesterday Once More
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre    
17.8 (Sun)
Additional performance is presented by TrinityTheatre ;
Venue and ticketing services sponsored by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department .
* (Starbucks beverage redemption not appilcable)
Suitable for ages 14 and above minutes Enjoy a selected Starbucks® beverage with your ticket for this programme. For details, please click here.
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