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Dream World

Illustration: Hoi Chiu


All Theatre Art Association
Youth Multi-media Workshop & Exhibition

Part-reality, part-fantasy, dreams reflect people's experiences while also mirroring their desires. Have you ever wondered if they can be reproduced in a tangible form?

The Dream World youth multimedia workshop takes participants on an exciting journey of self-exploration. Under the guidance of instructors, those taking part will employ visual and performing arts to interpret and realise their dreams. The possibilities are endless! Towards the end of the programme, a finale exhibition will be staged, using video, photography and text to enable participants to share their inner worlds with others.

Instructors: Hoi Chiu
  Maggie Blue O'Hara

Hong Kong Cultural Centre AC1, CR1, GR1    
7.7-1.8 (Every Mon, Wed & Fri)
Workshop Fee $450 (including all necessary materialsí^
Age Suitable for ages 14 and above
Date 7.7-1.8 (Every Mon, Wed, Fri) For schedule please click here
Quota 25
Application Deadline 30.6 (First-come-first-served)
Language Conducted in English and Cantonese
Enquiries 9552 7096 (Wilson Yeung)
Download Application Form
Finale Exhibition
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Foyer    
5-13.8 (Tue-Wed)
14.8 (Thur)